Monday, 21 February 2011

Dr Paul Gamble's Exercise book

Strength and Conditioning for Team Sports is a book by my friend Dr Paul Gamble.

Last year. or maybe it was 2 years ago now, I helped him with the shots for his first book  which is now a required reading for students at university throughout the UK.

This year I get another call from Dr Gamble and he tells me that he is onto book 2 and it has more exercises and needs more photos.

Some of the exercises are all about explosive strength and power and require fast movements.  To get that in a photo is not so easy.  In making the shots for this book we used a few techniques and used flash in ever photo.

95% of the shots were taken with the Nikon 70-200mm vr and shot on my Nikon D300 camera,

Here are a couple of the shots not used

Catching the athlete in mid jump was actually a lot easier than expected, only took 2 shots

having the model hold the bar for too long, especially when he has loaded it with some actual heavy weights, proved too much for his puny muscles.

a BTS of the lighting set up

Dr Paul Gamble

Proving to himself and me that his exercises are not easy!

a slightly different lighting set up
Shooting with 2 Nikon sb900 speedlights controlled by the the pop up flash on the camera.

A question I get some times is why do I not use Pocket Wizards or some form or radio transmitter to set off my sb900 flashes.  And the answer every time so far is " I do not need them"  I don't buy what I don't need.

Here is a perfect example. I am shooting with my Nikon D300 pop up flash from a distance away that using my 70-200mm vr lens I can get a full person in…….. it must have been about 10 - 12 meters away.
And every shot the flash on top of the camera happily communicated with my two flashes at the other end of the room in the gym.

Well done Nikon CLS!

Below is a video of proof.

Sport in waves

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  1. Nice vids Dom, I often make that mistake with syncing RAW settings to jpegs then wondering why they look so bad...doh! I'm with you on the Pocketwizards, CLS rules, although I might get some of those cheapo IR flash triggers for when the pop-up recycling time is an issue (I only have one flash).

  2. Awesome video. All pics are looking very good. I knew something about this book.