Sunday, 6 February 2011

Photo Critique 3 (Gary Lawrence)

Here is the email from Gary

hey mr Dom, i have been lovin the talks you have been giving on peoples work and 

i wanna jump in before you get bombarded with everyones work and decide you have 

no time for that.
anyway i narrowed down some of my recent pictures to hopefully get some true 
harsh critisism. hopefully i can learn from your words as i am blind to my own 
oh the cool place with the books and the lady with the pink top in your last 
video, i think it is the jeckle and hyde pub. 

also i wanna shoot some more pics with models but the weather thing is 
frustrating. maybe you could do a video on what to do or where to go when it 
rains (especially the burgh)

cheers dude
keep up the videos as they are cool


+ muted colours and composition
- distracting surface and hair

+colours, composition 
- obvious vignetting and some sharpness issues

- over photoshoped, harsh lighitng, location, model position, 
what is it?

+ good use of slow shutter, beautiful model
- contrast issues, out of control hair

+ pop art style colouring
- background distractions and framing issues

Gary's Reply

Gary Lawrence cheers, as you were going through it, i could totaly see what you were sayin, a thought the same with the shoe one but could not figure out how to get rid of the bloke without making her leg disapear into the black. That weird eye thing started to freak me out, i should not of missed that, easy fixed. Yeah i will start naming them acordingly and work on my light skills. thanks again. good luck wae the book mr Dom

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  1. This is Great Dom. I love that you're doing these. This is just what aspiring photographers need. I think it's a great service you're providing here. I sent you a request for you to peruse mine. No hard feelings if you cannot. I just wanted to stop by and let you know how great I think this is.