Sunday, 23 June 2013

Emma & Duncan's Wedding

On May the 25th 2013, High school friend Duncan MacWalter got married to his beautiful fiancee Emma Kennedy In St Andrews at Kinkell Byre (

Here is a selection of some of the images taken on the day. In total 317 images were selected and edited, If you want to see all of them in their entirity visit the photobox page here

Although you would never guess from the images, nevers were running high, Emma and Duncan although both very happy and confident couldn't help but have nevers on the day. The shots taken though are of them, their friends and family laughing, and laughing hard all day!

Normally weddings end up having a lot of monochrome images, they are usually more suited to the mood and the feel of the day, they can also give a timeless feel. However for these guys, black and white does not do the day justice,  St Andrews was bathed in glorious sunshine with blue skies and green grass. The colour of the kits and the lighting both inside and outside the byre really deserve to be shown in their full colour. The bride, her bridesmaids, the groom, and their guests all looked fantastic.


The ceremony was held in the Byre,  which is an old farm building.
(photography wise a total nightmare with it only being lit by fairy lights, 
(iso 4500, f2.6 1/80th, settings)


A substantial list of group shots were taken on the day, both emma and duncan having large families.
The harsh sunlight meant flash and shade were the options for the outdoor shots.



 Our friend Hunter, Got the first kiss in before the first dance.   Then the party started.


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