Tuesday, 4 June 2013

All About the Nikon D400

This is going to be a developing post,  At the time of writing... starting this (June 2013) it is only rumours and hopes and expectations that soon Nikon will be releasing an awesome DX camera which will be the upgrade/refresh of the Nikon D300s which was a 12mp that can do 7-8fps (Taking up to 17raw files before slowing down to 2.5fps) 720hd 24p video, with a superb 51point (with 15cross type) focus and a 3inch LCD screen, with an ISO range of 200-3200 (expandable to 100-6400) Exposure bracketing up to 9 frames at 1ev stops, pop-up flash with CLS Commander mode, a max shutter speed of 1/8000th and a max sync speed of 1/250th before going into Auto FP. all housed within a badass Magnesium alloy shell

So what are we expecting with the Nikon D400?

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