Thursday, 12 January 2012

Canon 5D MarkII vs Nikon D700 High ISO and noise comparison

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  1. Dom, you've found a quick fan across the pond, boss. I've been getting my freelance business off the ground for the past year, but in the last weeks I've been up to my damned neck in product research for the insane amount of money that I'm about to drop on the next step in my gear needs. 10 hours a day for the last week has been nothing but lighting setup research, to the point of madness. And I have to say, I've found your vids one of my go-to resources for sorting out all this insanity...and in the end, after weighing options, I'm going for the off-camera flash lighting to keep myself versatile and light. Plus, the Ton of money I saved by not going strobe, is affording me an entire list of other gear needs. That was I path you started me down. Just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the great work.

    -Lee Rodgers
    California, USA