Saturday, 7 January 2012

Calm Down Its Only A Camera: Nikon D4

Nikon have announced their new Flagship camera The Nikon D4 which is a 16mp full frame camera with massive iso ability 50-200,000iso, 11fps, tested up to 400,000shutter actuations, Double exposure hdr effect in one shot, faster auto focus, top notch video with 30fps in full hd and 60 in 720hd as well as 25 and 50 in Pal settings, its also go full hd crop modes and a whole bunch of other stuff making it super duper mega awesome.

Its price is going to be around £5000. most likely £4800.

  • Which to some is half a years wages,
  • To others its the profit from 10 weddings (after you have minused the tax and costs)
  • For me that would be 1 years worth of youtube earnings.
  • or the same as 2 years of my half of the mortgage payments.
  • Or a Canon 5d mark 2 and all its exotic prime lenses.

For the same price I could buy:
a log cabin  (Click her for link)
a 5.5litre Mercedes AMG and still have spare cash for a Nikon d5100 (see link)
a Porsche Boxter,
or all the lighting kit I could ever buy and lessons to go with.

The cost of the camera is not an issue for the people who are buying it but thats just a little idea of the value of it in terms of my own costs.

For me what this camera is good for is getting a bit of an idea of what will be the future for the lower price bracket cameras such as the Nikon D700 (admittedly still not a cheap camera but, in comparison, far more affordable) The D700 had the same sensor as the Nikon D3, just in a smaller, less robust, lighter, camera body.  However at the moment the rumours for the successor to the D700 is something with a 32MP sensor… not sure I nor my computer nor harddrives care for that too much.

What is greatly amusing though is on the forums, the blogs and the vlogs is the arguments and anger from some people either bashing it, saying its not as good as the canon 1d mark x or that they think it is better than any Canon. Its the wars between Canon and Nikon fanboys that is so strange to me. (I specifically say fan Boys as I doubt any female photographer or for that matter  PHOTOGRAPHER is as small minded as the camera Tech geeks)  I also think that people who think that this camera will help them make amazing photos are clearly the people who are not making amazing photos already and no matter what camera they have their photos will still suck.

But hey! Tell me what you think!

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  1. The advancement of the D4 over the D3S will be in the main

    1/ Better ISO
    2/ The Ability to focus at 2 stops lower, this baby can focus in the dark
    3/ Auto sensing minimum shutter speed auto detect zoom lens type
    4/ Improved focus accuracy
    5/ Better dynamic range, to show more detail, shadow and reduced clipping in highlights

    6/ Far better focus when using a Teleconverter

    Dom, great video blogs, i watch ALL of them as this very much helps me to use my camera kit, your site is the BEST way for people to learn how to use thier camera kit

    Re D4 as detailed above is why I would buy this camera,

    When I shoot motoracing with D200 or D7000 I have used my 400mm AF-S F2.8 VRII and the TC-E20-III
    and I lose the focus speed and the lens will hunt, the D4 should be able to greatly improve this as the new AF system is now designed to work in conjuction with converters and work up to F8,

    Please let me know what you think, Regards

  2. "For me that would be 1 years worth of youtube earnings" Hmmmm? Dom so your getting almost £5,000 of youtube a year for making videos I must start my own blog lol.

    For me Il hang onto my d700 and wait for the so called d800. I wander will nikon skimp on the d800 specs so it doesnt take away sales of the d4 remember the d3/d700 sales saga.


  3. well yep, if earnings were as good as they were upto xmas then i could indeed be making upto £5000 in a year from youtube. however they do fluctuate quite a bit. Yes get yourself a blog!

  4. Hi Dom, I've been entertained by you all morning. Very informative and helpful. Love the bit about "fanboys"! So true even if I can get a little geeky when it comes to my camera gear ;-) And when people ask me about what camera they should buy my main reply really is "it's not the size but how you use it". And that is so true! All these people buying slr's these days thinking they can suddenly take photos now...on auto...sheesh...enough said :-S