Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Young Turks on Tyler Shields (utter crap!)

I very much enjoy this conversation,  the french accent at points is a real winner for me on this.

But to the question. what is it? is it shit or is it art?

That is for us to interpret it seems  (TYT say it is shit)

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  1. Nope. This guy is a moron. Trust me, he just has not studied art enough to have a valid opinion. "I actually think a lot of Andy Warhol is good." Oh congratulations, you want a cookie you numbnuts. Thats like saying," I'm not racist I have a black friend"- cliche! The fact that people assumed this was about domestic violence is only because of their outdates patriarchal understanding of marital relationships. Maybe she is in a fight club, or is an MMA fighter. The images are supposed to be intriguing due to the juxtaposition of bruises and beauty. Its nothing new at all, but the fact it was so heavily publicized and in a traditional magazine, not an art magazine is where all these people who have really very little knowledge and appreciation for modern, conceptual, progressive art begin to offer their opinions. I used to be a conceptual art hater as well, but guess what, I learned about it and didn't just make assumptions and repeat stupid stupid stupid. Seriously, for being "journalists" or really armchair pundits these two have a very limited lexicon. I guess it matches their tiny minds.

  2. Clearly the people in the pictures were made up as if they were about to portray a message about domestic abuse but instead of composing well thought out symbolic pictures the models obviously decided that they preferred to screw about instead.
    Given the subject matter and the self serving nature of the exercise the whole thing is particularly tasteless. Under the circumstances, the reaction of the anchorman was quite understandable. Is it any wonder that modern art is viewed as being ridiculous by the vast majority. It's just becoming a parody of itself.
    Like the Oozlum bird it will continue going round and round in ever decreasing circles until it disappears up it's own @rse.

    Regards - C