Monday, 19 September 2011

One year anniversary!

WOW!!!! This is the 1 year anniversary.  I almost missed it.

One year ago I set up the Youtube photography channel  Dombowerphoto and a linked blog the

In that year I have made some stats:

303 New videos up on line = a new video every 28 hours for a year!
179 Blog posts = one new post every 48 hours

On the youtube channel I have reached
10,827 subscribers
1,364,768 total upload views.
my single most viewed video has had 48k views

My blog page (what your looking at now)
has gained 408k Page hits.

I have completed my book which i had been working on for a couple of years
It was also featured in Digital photography for beginners magazine as their top rated book for beginners.

I have done 62 Portfolio critiques and 3 Mass critiques
I have featured on twice… that I know of.

So whats to happen in the next year?

Lots more critiques? Yep
lots more reviews? Oh Yes, camera, tripods, lenses and other accessories,
lots more brain farts (example) most definitly.
lots more insights into workflow and editing?
lots more Behind The Scenes? Yes
lots more flash tips?  oh yes.

So thanks to all of you who have helped me gain such big stats, and please help me keep beating my current number, please tweet and facebook and tell others of the youtube channel and the blog.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. And I have enjoyed you giving us all that info.
    long live the Dom.