Thursday, 25 August 2011

Flower photography Tip: Metering and exposure differences

Think I need a better title for the video and the blog post, any suggestions?

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  1. love your videos! quick question, what tripod are you using in the metering video, that orangish looking one?

  2. Hi Dom, loving all your videos so far! been really really informative, keep up the good work. As for a title for the video, how about "Power To Your Flower Shots"?

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  4. I think the video should be titled whatever it was you said at 3:17. I literally busted out laughing.

  5. great post as always and greetings from the US. This is a fun example of what I think is called, low key images (black background) that is normally done in studio or on location with flashes. You've shown everyone a way to do something cool without a lot of gear. its really all about using shutter speed to subtract light until only the brightest objects in a scene are left visible.
    thanks! marc from san deigo (

  6. I love all the photos....Memories play a vital role in our life so choose good photographer in your wedding. Thanks.:)

  7. How do you do this on Nikon D5100????...

  8. Hi, i came across your vid after trying to find out how to create a black background in my sport images.
    Have you any suggestions on how to get this effect using Nikon D5300 please i have altered it to spot meter but doesn't do what yours does.
    Thank you