Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The cost of being a photographer & How to price your photography

This is a very basic rundown of the basics you need to stay afloat if you are thinking of becoming a full time photographer.

All prices and numbers here can vary greatly, Living with parents, using public transport, having a girlfriend, or living in a different city will drasticly change your costs.  And lets not even go there if we are thinking about supporting a family, paying a mortgage with varying interest rates

What this video does not also provide details on is the costs of other things such as

Buisness cards
Portfolios / wedding albums
If you have car crashes, insurance premiums.
Website, internet pro accounts for things like flickr
Rental of studio space
Cost of props and/or models for personal projects.

and the vast amounts of coffee and redbull we all drink while editing.

Add all that up it can come easily to £2500 a month.
but if you live with parents etc it can be as little as £1000 a month.
I guess it all just depends on our situations.

In addition to the video above I have made a video on how much it can cost to charge for a photography job

here you go  

Here is some amazingly good tips regarding how you should advertise your costs and prices in photography and how that it is much more important to be selling yourself not your price list

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  1. Hi Dom very true, however a good wedding photographer could charge in the range of £2000 per wedding. If the season last for 5 months and you are busy every weekend, you could have the rest of the year doing jobs like portraiture/commercial/studio work and make a very good leaving out of it.
    Obviously, you’ll need to be good at what you do and have a very good marketing strategy. The other major issue is young photographers who have been doing this for a short period of time and charge small fee for there services. This again will come down to Marketing strategy. I have started a new YouTube channel where I will be discussing Marketing and advertising in the Photography Business, will post in the group once ready. You can already submit if you like to, lgmphotography

  2. totally agree, and anyone who is charging 2000 for a wedding only needs to do about 12 weddings a year. one a month, so for people who are that expert and established in the field then there is no worry for how much it costs to live as a photographer, but this is more for people who are constantly thinking. hay I did a shoot one month for a magazine... maybe i will go pro next month...