Saturday, 3 January 2015

New Idea For Storing Photos

I have a new idea for what we should all do with our photos especially the non-important ones we take!

But firstly,

We all should back up our photos! ALL OF THEM!

We should save them on multiple hard drives - and have them in different locations.

No point having the same stuff on 3 hard drives and then them all burning to death in a house fire at the same time.

Ah, but is photography not about having physical copies of your photos? YES!
so Print out all your photos!
Actually print them out multiple times and store them in multiple locations.

In the end you will have boxes and boxes of hard drives and old photos of no interest in multiple locations scattered around the country,  and all for what?

For me there are 2 types of photos

Professional photos and family photos.
Family photos are not just of your family, but of friends, parties, holidays events etc all the things that in the future you may want to look back on and reminisce.
My parents have a big chest of drawers in their house filled with unorganised family photos spanning back decades and all manors of camera types and it is fun going through them once in a while (like 5 years or so). Its important to jog our memories of times past, of fashions changed, and people that were in our lives. But those memories saved as only a few photos can be either misleading or forgotten. or worse, lost, burnt or damaged by water

Modern families take hundreds of photos every year, on their phones, iPads,iPods,dslrs, point and shoots and action cams, yet few of us will ever print them out, fewer will think about saving multiple copies on different hard drives and store them in different locations, or carry out routine disk maintenance on the drives to check their functionality.

So my idea is that for those non-important photos, those photos we took on our little hill walk, or our weekend holiday trip, or the few photos we took of ourselves at our friends wedding, we should so a little video essay of what, where when, who and why we took those photos and upload it to the internet for ourselves and family to enjoy in the future.  Unless the internet dies (which it might due to a giant solar storm) or youtube goes bust (- unlikely) storing that video of the photos you took, will be saved on your computer, on a hard drive and better yet, on the internet via multiple servers thanks to youtube. or vimeo or what ever subscription free video sharing site you wish to use (personally i would advise only doing youtube)

The videos do not have to be interesting or funny, but just a reminder and a insight as to the time and location that they were shot.  If you were to die, or loose your memory this is a handy way to keep those memories alive for your children or surviving relatives.


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  2. Good idea. I take so many pics for my kids to see in the future. Never thought to make a vid so they would know what the hell they were looking Wish my parents had been able to back in the day... Thanks!

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