Thursday, 25 October 2012

Samyang 24mm f/1.4 Full frame Manual lens

Page currently under construction but there are some photos here if you want to see

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lenses supplied by in Clitheroe, 
Telephone number 01200 444744


Front on view, kinda

Side on where you can see its big focusing ring

 Front on as well

Kim at f5.6

Kim at f1.6 (was at max shutter speed of 1/8000)



f1.4 with sun behind kim, spot metered on her face.

Trying to get lens flare was surprisingly difficult, only when shooting direclty into the sun was there the edges of the full circle flare

Its macro ability is quite impressive, The lens was resting on the top of the cars wing mirror and it could see the spider web from half way down. NICE

Shooting pets proved very difficult, at a street market this dog was very cute and very inquisative of me and my camera, this was the only shot i got where his eyes were in focus. (i need to get better)

Finally managed to get some awesome flare! this is of the sun just in the background of a shot of kim at f3.5


  1. I wonder, when focussing with this lens, do you use a special focus screen ? Or do you use another tool to get it focussed ?

  2. Hi Dom,

    I came across your youtube profile and it's incredibly helpful. I have a question for you which I have been trying to figure out for the longest time so I am hoping I have found the man who can help me.

    I use a canon 7d, and I also have a speedlite flash. My problem when taking pictures outside is that I often get unflattering shadows when the sun is high. And to be perfectly honest, I don't know much about shutter speed and iso but I'm trying to learn.

    So before this gets unneccessary long, how do I go around to get photos like on this blog: WHat settings should I use and should I be using the flash outside? I'm guessing this could make a good video if you feel up for it as I know I'm not the only fashion blogger out there struggeling to get professional looking photos.

    Thank you for reading my comment :)

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