Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Canon: Picture style settings

 Although not totally obvious the different picture styles that canon provides in its cameras do have subtle differences which if shooting Jpeg......(ughhh) then they will affect your images.  If you shoot raw then the picture style settings have no affect on your raw file.

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Taken from Canon website

Tone, saturation and sharpness are optimised for crisp, vivid images. Perfect for photographers who want print-ready images without post-processing. This setting is automatically applied when shooting in Full Auto, Close-Up, Sports, Night Portrait or Flash Off mode.

Colour tone and saturation levels are set to complement skin tones. Sharpness is reduced compared to Standard, softening both skin and hair. This setting is automatically applied when shooting in Portrait mode.

Colour tone and saturation are set to obtain deep blues and vivid greens, complementing sky and scenery. Sharpness is set one step higher than Standard for crisper edges and outlines. This setting is automatically applied when shooting in Landscape mode.

Equivalent to the default setting of earlier EOS-1 series D-SLRs. Natural colour reproduction is obtained and no sharpness is applied. This setting is ideal for images that are to undergo post-processing.

Identical to Digital Photo Professional's Faithful setting. When the subject is photographed under a colour temperature of 5200K, the colour is adjusted colorimetrically to match the subject and no sharpness is applied

 Try and guess the picture style in the images below before putting your pointer over the picture to see its name.

 raw unedited, all lightroom paramaters set to 0

Edited raw

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  1. Hi Dom,

    Recently found you on YouTube and really am enjoying the videos and learning a lot. Thanks for doing this. Can you show us how you edited the RAW file? Also, what are your thoughts on Canon's DPP? Is Lightroom worth the investment?

    New Photographer