Sunday, 4 March 2012

Canon 5D Mark 3

Canon have announced the Canon 5D Mark 3, the update to the hugely popular 5D Mark 2. Although not pushing the envelope with regards to MegaPixels, Canon have been busy working away at providing answers to many of the, small, complaints of the Mark ii, most of which is the autofocus, so instead of increasing the auto focus ponits from 9 to 12, they have gone mental and put in a monster 61 auto focus points! They also say they have increased the ISO performance, not only in numbers but also in noise reduction. It is now also able to keep up the fps to keep many sports shooters happy with an impressive 6fps. Video wise, it says its better, i cant figure out how as the mark 2's video is so very good. but i am sure it is, they say it should have reduced moire and that may be down to the direct down sampling of the sensor resolution which is an exact 3x compared to before... yet to see good evidence of that though. price wise its a little more expensive than the mark 2 when it first came out but a full double the price of a mark 2 as of March 2012, so you better be rolling in money if you want to stump up the extra cash for this camera.

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