Thursday, 16 February 2012

Canon 600mm f/4 IS (MONSTER LENS)

The 70-200mm Lens I always thought was a Big Boy of lenses so to describe the 600mm… I think the only term would be MONSTER!!!!!

And boy is it a monster. It weighs over 11pounds, and costs around 10grand. it is about 3 feet long (with the lens hood on) and comes in a box which can survive a plane crash, also adding to the weight making it a heavy as hell thing to lug around with you where ever you go.  You will either need another box on your other side while walking to counter balance you or a…. donkey to carry it for you if you are doing anything more than walking from the car to the… side of a playing field.

The lens is so big that my Canon 550D can fit inside the lens hood.

I have done a full test and review of it and that will be coming up soon.  just need to edit the video footage.


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1 comment:

  1. That is one big honking lens!!! 10k for a lens!? Still I'm sure it's an amazing piece of glass. I'm looking forward to your review.