Thursday, 11 November 2010

A little bit of music (Julien Pierrefeu) super low light video

This was a bit of a super low light lens test/ camera test/ microphone test

I was sitting on the ground right beside the massive speaker, I had my external microphone sitting ontop of the speaker. the sound does not sound as good as it did in the club. The microphone is a very old piece I got several years ago to record lectures at University.

Videos shot with the Nikon 20mm ais lens,
@ f2.8
on the Canon 550D

More videos and tips in shooting in very low light after the break

What i would really have liked is a lot more light in the club, also an f1.4 lens. and also be able to put my mic further away from the speakers, because although the volume is recorded at an ok level it has definitly distorted the tones of the music, it sounds a little bit out of tune and a bit tinny. it needs more base.

The colour is also far to saturated. I had the contrast and saturation up on the camera. My advice is to keep all your settings as low as possible, this will help extend your dynamic range and give you a bit more room if you are wanting to edit the video afterwards.

Iso 6400 on the camera was pretty noisy in the video in the low light but when the video was compressed from 1080p down to youtube size and sent through all the wires and channels a lot of the noise has disappeared.   What I cant do is do much exposure compensation after the shoot on any video editing software as it just becomes mush.  With video it is like shooting jpeg not like shooting raw.

The same goes for the white balance, you can bearly change the WB after the shoot on the video editing software without it seriously degrading the file!

So with video in this type of location, have your in camera settings to the most dull settings possible. ie contrast to a negative setting, saturation down to just be low neutral, and same with sharpness keep that low as possible.

Hope that helps.

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