Monday, 2 January 2012

Studio Photography On Location

Shoot details first:

Here I am shooting actress and comedian K (previous shoot can be found here)
I am shooting with the Samyang 85mm f/1.4 (review and tests here)
On the Nikon D700 DSLR (review and tests here)
And using Nikon SB900 and sb800 flashes  (more tests here)

Now onto the videos!

This first video I am showing you a quick shot of a head shot we are doing for K, I am using my speedlight on my camera as the commander flash to set off the other flashes, then the key light is shooting into a small beauty dish (link here)
I have the beauty dish as close as i can get it to her face, and have it on about an 8th power, but the dish sucks out a lot of power so the real life power is more like 1/32th power actually reaching her face.
The light for her hair is on a tiny amount of power but is zoomed in and has no difusser.  The hair light is more just to control the level of contrast on her dark side of the face at this time anyway.

Part 2: Low key with black background.

This next video I show you how to get a black background for your photos.  The camera settings and flash settings are exactly the same from the first to the last image yet just because I have put up a rug in the background which will help absorb the flash light it will give you a black background and also help you create your low key images.  Again, you dont need a studio to make a low key image especially if you are shooting head and shoulder photos.

Part 3 Some High Key shots

A little not on the settings on this one as well, Although the key light is at 1/13th power it is being shot through an omni bounce and a beauty dish which sucks out a good stop of power, so what is actually hitting K is more like 1/30th of a power mean while i have 2 flashes hitting the background, they are both slightly zoomed in so the actual power hitting the background is more like 1/15th power which to the super brilliant of you will know, will make the background a stop brighter than the subject (K) which gives a nice white looking background especially when the subject itself is already slightly over exposed to give a nice high key look.

Here I use my umbrella as a white background

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  1. Thank you so much or sharing your experience. This is a great help for some who's new to the photography world. You are awesome. I watch the video over and over again so I'm not missing a bit of the info. Again, thank you.