Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Lilith Rose Collection

Lilith Rose is a lovely model who I have had the pleasure to work with on a number of different shoots and also just work together to help build each others portfolios.

Here are a selection of videos from shoots done together.

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Here is one where I used some photos of her for a sharpness test video on the tamron 28-75mm lens

Here is a video of our most set up shoot that took about a fortnight to get all the parts together

Here is some of the editing of some of the shots for the video above

This was an off the cuff shoot where we used the basement of a bar and a big long tunnel in Edinburgh to get the shots, the other model is Sarah Kidd.

Here is an edit from a catwalk modelling show where I got a little shot of at the end, and here is the editing.

I think it is safe to say that Lilithis more in the Alternative modeling  legue here again we are doing a shoot this time for a latex clothing company called Overt Clothing

Here is a bit of the photo editing from the Overt clothing photoshoot

This is a rock out of the final edited photos from the overt clothing photoshoot

Clothing by

Location of the shoot

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here is a little video on teaching you some gimp tips

Korr! thats a lot of videos!
There is a reason for that. Its because she is a great model! It is very clear to me that in the short time I have known Lilith she has become developed as a model, her poses, looks, confidence etc have all become 10times better than what they were the first time I ever met her.  When she is on a shoot she is both professional, patient, Hardy (in that I have never heard a moan or mump from her even in the freezing cold) and she can strike a pose in an instant and has eye contact that many photographers and other models would die for!

My biggest criticism of Lilith is that she is TOO GOOD!  She makes it so difficult to edit my photos as 90% of the shots come out great!  Normally I work around the idea of 1 in 10. photos are ones I will pick and keep for editing but with Kim it is pretty much 9 in 10 and it pains me to deselect half the photos.

Kim is based in Scotland and does shoots all over the country.  I highly recommend that if your a photographer and your wanting a top model I can't recommend her more.

You can find Kim at these addresses



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